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4280 W Currahee St
Toccoa, GA, 30577
United States

About Us

With over 30 years of experience, our commitment is still
to completely satisfy each customer by providing:

Quality Repairs  •  On-time Delivery  •  Affordable Prices


Carter Machine Works is a family-owned business that began operation in 1981 repairing Babbitt bearings in turbines, generators, motors, pumps, fans, and other equipment for various industries. With a focus on quality and dependable service, new opportunities soon included oil deflectors, hydrogen seal casings, hydrogen seals, and Babbitt related items in power generation.

We continue today as a family-owned business with many long-time employees. Our plan for future success is to continue our focus on the needs of the customers we serve.




Before a repair begins, we consult with the customer for requirements and perform an incoming inspection of the part to determine the extent of the repair. The customer’s input, our experience in repairs, and knowledge of part specifications often allows us to find hidden problems. Early recognition of problems prevents possible future hidden costs associated with the order and possible early failure of the part. Quoting accurately and providing components that function as intended are part of our dependable service.

Although most of our service is repair, we have the technical experience and capabilities to manufacture new bearings using the old bearing as a sample or customer drawings and specifications. We also manufacture parts associated with repairs such as mandrels for tilt-pad bearings, bearing oil deflectors, and rolled teeth for oil deflectors. Whether a repair or manufacture, we understand that delivery dates are important for continuous operation, and that delays create other issues not associated with component. 

Emergency service is available for those unexpected situations where time is critical. 

We work with the customer to find solutions that meet operational, time, and budget needs. Dependable service provides customer value with a part that meets specifications for the correct price, delivered when needed.


For Babbitting, the bearing or part is tinned and only virgin ASTM-B23 grade 2 Babbitt is cast in a continuous pour on one of our variable speed spincasting machines. Babbitt samples and third-party analysis are provided per request. Our tinning process, temperature monitoring, spincast at precise speed, and water quench produces defect-free Babbitt with excellent bond to various metals.

The bearing or component is machined by a qualified and skilled craftsman, finished to customer specifications using manufacturer or requested clearances. All manufacturer Babbitt features such as oil reliefs, oil dams, and elliptical, cylindrical, or offset bores to name a few, are returned to the bearing or part.

In-step process measures, such as ultrasonic test, are performed during the repair to ensure a quality product at completion. Each finished part receives a dimensional final inspection and other applicable inspections that may include ultrasonic test, blue check, pinch fit, megger test, temperature sensor test, or material analysis. The inspections are performed by experienced technicians using equipment that receives a third-party annual calibration and is calibrated before use.

The measure for each order is quality work, affordable price, and on-time delivery which is our goal for complete customer satisfaction.